Arsaidh (arsaidh) wrote in ycmgoth,

Asylum Masquerade Ball

For Memorial Weekend Sunday May 30th 2004

The Asylum will be hosting a special evening of lavish music and atmosphere for a special "Masquerade Party". No costumes are required, but the creative and beautiful attire that people assemble for the night will be appreciated and loved by all! Bryan Hawk and The Rage will host a wonderfull revue of those who wish to be a star and flash their sexy, silky, scary, or provacative garments to all..

Holiday cover charge as usual...$4 for 21+ and $6 for 18-20...Drink Specials end at 11pm, so get in at 9 to enjoy them!

We hope to see a wonderfull crowd this year...last years was so enjoyable that it will be hard to beat!

For those with the least bit of interest, take my advice in attending. You wont be disappointed. Last year was great - this year will be better. And we will have our DJ's from Reno spinning for the first hour or so, a definite treat. For Info.
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